Dibra’s “carpet”; PS-PDIU divorce has started in the center

One day after the riot in Debar, PDIU area MP declined to pronounce. Relations with the Socialists have been warm a year and a half ago, during the partial local elections for the Municipality of Debar, a test of the new PS-PDIU alliance, through which Edi Rama wanted to tell LSI that he could did without it.

The profound victory of the leftist candidate, Muharrem Rama, did not ease local co-governance. A year later, in the 2017 parliamentary elections, the PDIU managed to send a deputy to the Assembly from this area. It is about Reme Lala, which was bursting with the dissatisfaction that blew in Debar since its first appearance at the spit.

“One or two days a week the mayor goes to the municipality for 20 minutes, and then after having drank a dozen 5 double raki. And the few papers that sign that are in the interests of the chairman of his social circle are stained with greasy and wet rakias, because they sign in the cabbage, “she said.

It was November 2, 2017, when MP Lala made these statements, which show that the last conflict in Debar has its early roots. After pointing out that the mayor has two pharmacies and an illegal casino, PDIU deputy spoke about hiring, as to show where tooth pains.

“Mr. Prime Minister I am aware that there are competitions for directors to be appointed in Debar. This is a deception for the Dibra, because the directors are predestined. I want to tell you now the names, that the political leaders you have in Debar have appointed directors in advance, “PDIU deputy prosecutor continued.

Mayor Muharrem Rama replicated tomorrow, through a Facebook post. It was clear from the attack.

“I answer briefly to Miss Lala, the daughter of Ymer Lala; you do not have to dig into the lives of others, nor do the judge and the prosecutor. Then be assured that with the past and the present variety of your father you will get lost and damaged, the disadvantage that I personally think you are too young to deserve, “Muharrem Rama wrote.

The mayor also confirmed that the conflict in Debar is related to the separation of power, when he told the MP how he got the votes.

“I advise you not to speak in the name of your so-called Party, but always refer to your personal vote, just as you yourself called and know why, because in Debar, there are neither the electorate nor the less voters know the sacred causes I would say to this party. You are right, the Debar Municipality does not work as I would like, because we were very slow in the reform we had to do in the administration we found, administration and employees introduced in exchange for the vote that made you a deputy, but without any professional capacity, “the mayor of Dibra continued.

But sources close to the majority, who know well the subtle relationship between the SP and the PDIU, explained to Top Channel that the tensions in Debar are the result of political conflicts in the center.

The same sources claimed that Socialist leader Rama is concerned by the political empowerment of local DPIU leaders in Debar, thinking that this could create problems in the upcoming elections. On the other hand, this relationship was more flawed when the Socialists accepted the abolition of the mandate of Aqif Rakipi, a former MP of PDIU in Elbasan, until recently one of the closest people of the Prime Minister.

Top Channel learned that at the last meeting of the SP Presidency that was held earlier this year, the Prime Minister admitted that the decision to send Olta Xhakka as political responsible in Debar with the task of calming the blood was taken at the request of local PDIU leaders.

But sources insist that the conflict is deeper, explaining that violence and blood in Debar was just local translation of a major problem in the center.

Shkodra, seized 15 tritoli molds

15 tritol molds and 15 m firefighters were seized today by the police of Shkodra. It is learned that the amount of tritium was detected on the basis of information received on the operating path. Niko K., 36, a resident of Gajtan i Sipërm, Shkodër, was also arrested in flagrante. His arrest was made because during the control exercised in the premises surrounding the apartment, 15 pieces of suspected tritol casting and 15 meters of firewalls were found and sequestered as material evidence. The procedural materials passed to the Prosecutor’s Office at Shkodra First Instance Court for the criminal offense “Unauthorized Holding and Production of Weapons, Explosive Weapons and Ammunition”, provided by Article 278 of the Criminal Code.

Experiment, apple vinegar keeps the doctor away?

Apple apple is a tonic cure for everything for the benefit of health, giving you a lot of energy and helping to lose weight. It is also thought to be used by celebrities like Miranda Kerr, Victoria Beckham, Megan Fox, and Hilary Duff.

But to drink apple vinegar every day keeps the doctor away, as is the well-known expression? And does it show the difference in a week?

Femail has experimented with two of her writers, where they both barely drank because of the taste, but one of them proved she lost considerable weight in a week.

And though some apple juice fanatics are about to drink, nutritionists recommend mixing with water in a one-on-one report. For example, two tablespoons of vinegar in 200 ml of water.

Both girls started challenging by drinking a bottle of 250 ml per day blend, while Shannon found she reduced her bowel, while Charlotte lost 1kg in a week.
Here’s how they did:
First day
Both girls drank a glass of vinegar, Shannon with a tonic vinegar purchased at the supermarket, while Charlotte measures the vinegar-water with Manuka honey. Shannon had read about the benefits of intestinal utensils, while Charlotte, for weight loss, said the wedding was very close.

The second day
Shannon went on to buy tonic vinegar purchased on the spermark, added with kiwi flavors, eating fresh fruit and granola. As Charlotte drank the vinegar before eating breakfast. “I usually drink a bit of fresh water, but vinegar extinguishes my thirst,” Charlotte said.

Third day
Shannon says that when he woke up he had been relieved for the previous mornings, but when he remembered how well he made vinegar the day before, he drank an entire bottle of tonic vinegar. “I felt easier than before,” she says.
While Charlotte says she was already taught her own taste.

The fourth day
Shannon says that despite being drowsy, he had more energy to drink the vinegar, as he confessed he had more energy in the day and did not feel hungry.
While Charlotte, unlike other days, drank the afternoon vinegar and says that only an hour later she felt alive. “Indeed, I stopped eating my chocolate around 16.00. Honey! “Says Charlotte.

Fifth day
Shannon says that on the fifth day after he had drank apple juice in the morning, until the lunch came, he did not feel hungry as before. While Charlotte had noticed that in these days the amount of dinner consumption had been reduced so much that he had only eaten tost that was rare to him.

Sixth day
“I have noticed that gastric acid reflux is not as it was when I started the vinegar. I did not think I could drink it every day, “says Shannon.

While Charlotte forgot to drink the vinegar this day, and at 8 o’clock I remembered having a glass of wine before.

The seventh day
This day, Shannon was up late, and the vinegar drank the way to work and says he began to feel hungry just after two o’clock in the morning. For Shannon is meaningful as it did not eat without eating anything in the morning.

While Charlotte had lost 1kg of her weight, and since she was before the wedding, she would continue to hold this regimen

The conclusion?
Shannon: I’m surprised by vinegar. It can be drinkable and refreshing, but the foremost is that I feel good about my body. Intestinal bruising has been dramatically reduced this week after I had acid reflux. For this reason I will add apple vinegar to my diet.
Charlotte: I can not believe how amazing that was this for weight loss. I was in the diet for a while for my wedding, but drinking apple juice helped me lose weight and wrestle with hunger. I do not believe I will drink it every day but I will consider it helpful in my weight loss efforts.

Are you healthy bread?

In France, the feast of the Festival of Bread, celebrated in 1996, is dedicated to the feast of the friars of the Amiens Saint, until Sunday 21 May.

French magazine L’Express Styles with the help of nutritionists has tried to answer all the questions about this food.

Are you healthy bread?
It really depends. Thinking about diet is better to use integral bread, as white has a high glycemic level, glucose that circulates rapidly in the blood, and being absorbed is transformed into fat.

Complex flakes slow the absorption of sugars by preventing weight gain. But her eyes and what she puts on bread. Instead of butter for example, use goat’s cheese rich in protein and calcium.

Better toasted bread to weaken?
Absolutely not. Blanket, unlike bread, does not contain water, and to be fed we should eat more. In addition, they contain more heat than bread and higher glycemic levels. Better a slice of integral bread.

Better bread or cereal for breakfast?
Better a slice of bread, as cereals contain sugars, especially those for children. Moreover, one hour after you’ve eaten a bowl of milk and cereal, you may be hungry again, while the integral bread makes us feel fed for longer.

Should we eat bread all day?
If you want, yes, but in the right amount and at the appropriate moments of the day. But you can do it without it. The mudfoot should have the same carbohydrate ratio. You can replace it with potatoes.

Are all kinds of bread alike?
It’s not true. Not all loaves are the same. The bag of beloved Frenchs does not have much nutritional value. Integral bread and seeds have salts and fiber. The less refined to be flour, the better it is. If you can buy biological bread, produced with wheat flour, without pesticides.

Bread is more expensive but is better
Better yet it is made in craftsmanship, organic flour, as the industrial one contains conservative to make it stand longer and the coat modifies the taste of bread.

Are you in the diet and are not weakened? You’re making one of these mistakes

Always on the diet but do not fall out of weight. Where is the mistake? Perhaps exactly in the strict regime, because they do not work because food is also fun. So says a nutritionist at the University of Florence, Lucia Baçiottini, who explains that fasting or abandoning certain categories of foods like dairy products or meat, fats or gluten does badly the body and brain and does not always help find your lines . “Strict diets do worse because we need to try and eat what we like. Who denies such a thing for a long time maybe and weakens, but risks being “extinguished”, and can not prove positive emotions, “says Luca. Withdrawing without excuses and prolonged, cause deficiencies and disorders. “Intolerance is a sign of a physicist who fails to manage healthy and harmless foods for being malignant because of nonsense choices that have changed bacterial intestinal flora,” the nutritionist continues. He says he should not fall into the trap of “cleansing” regimes that often tempt women who are weak. “To lose health, you must understand the positive values ​​of all foods, non-industrial, and not exclude any. The secret of a diet is at the right pace and foods that ‘risk’ from pizza chocolates are rarely on the table. So by causing dependence, but give the satisfaction we need, “he concludes. These are the six mistakes we make: Quite drastic diet Believe in detoxification Fall into the trap of fashion diets He thinks fasting is decisive Observe yourself that you have any intolerance Seeing food as something you do so badly.

Wise Children? The foods you need before delivery

Women who are expecting children can increase the intelligence of their little ones by eating more fruit.

According to a recent study by the University of Alberta in Canada, any fruit consumed during pregnancy increases the level of intelligence in children.

To date, only fish as food related to the growth of intelligence were known. Omega-3 fatty acids found on him build healthy membranes in brain cells and scientists wanted to know if the fruits did so.

The study’s result showed that fruit also contributes to this.

The apocalypse clock, 2 minutes away from “midnight”

Called Doomsday Clock and is a symbol of bringing the world closer to its disappearance. It is now supposed to predict the apocalypse and has been very close to midnight, which means destruction, only in one case.

Only in 1953 it was very close to midnight when America produced the hydrogen bomb. At this time scientists say its scorpions were placed 2 minutes before midnight.

For scientists, the threat of 1953 and 2018 is the same as the danger and have moved the scorpions two minutes since midnight.

In 2015 the hour was set in two minutes and 30 seconds by midnight, but with Donald Trump’s presidency, tensions with North Korea, climate change and world-wide threats, including terrorism, scientists at Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists say clock went 2 minutes from midnight.

Here’s a historic Doomsday Clock, the clock that was set up in 1947 by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and what it said:

1947- it was set 7 minutes by midnight

1949- 3 minutes from midnight. The Soviet Union tested the first atomic bomb by officially launching a nuclear weapons race

1953- 2 minutes from midnight. US and USSR tested thermonuclear devices, 9 months from each other.

1960- 7 minutes from midnight. The US and USSR agreed to sign an agreement not to use nuclear weapons in conflicting countries, such as the Suez Canal.

1963- 12 minutes from midnight. The US and the USSR signed the agreement on the partial punishment of the tests, which would mean limiting nuclear tests to the atmosphere.

1968- 7 minutes from midnight. It was time when the US intensified the war in Vietnam.

1991- 17 minutes from midnight. The US and USSR signed the first Strategic Deal on Nuclear Weapons, and this is the largest time ever imposed.

2015 – 2 minutes and 30 seconds from midnight, after rising tensions between the US and Russia as a result of the Ukrainian conflict.

Inspirational history, tips on how to achieve success

The founder of Lamborghini, Ferruccio Lamborghini.

Two stories to get started … Nokia rejected Android, while Yahoo refused Google. Although in short, the stories end here. But what lessons were learned? First, take risks! Second, hug the changes. Thirdly, if you refuse to change your time, you can “die”! Let’s look at two more events. Facebook bought Whatsapp and Instagram. Meanwhile, Flipkart bought Myntra and the latter Jabong. This second may seem unheard of, but also these lessons can be drawn from these developments. First, be strong enough that rivals can become your allies. Second, climb to the highest ranks, then eliminate the competition. Last but not least, always be innovative. Such stories never end. Here are two more … Colonel Sanders founded KFC at the age of 65, while Jack Ma, who could not get hired at KFC, later founded Ali Baba. Finally! Lessons learned? First, age is simply a number. Secondly, only those who try can and manage to succeed. Last but not the last event in the field of success … Lamborghini was founded as a result of the retaliation of a tractor owner who was offended by Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari. That’s enough! Can we learn from this? Of course, never underestimate anyone. Never! Second, success is the best revenge. All this makes you breathe, work hard. Do not waste your time, but invest it in a smart way. Do what you want and never fear that you may fail!

The perfect picture during romantic vacations

Kourtney Kardashian is more in shape than ever and she wants this to be heard by everyone. Largest Kardashian sisters, Kourtney, posted a picture of her backs this Wednesday as she pauses in Mexico’s Punta Mita. The 38-year-old is spending his vacation with his young boyfriend, 24-year-old Younes Bendjima.

Will the models be replaced with robots?

Sophia looks like one of the many stunning cover designs, but, if you look carefully, there is something different to this lovely blonde.

Sophia is not a beautiful woman, but a robot that resembles an extremely beautiful woman and for the first time appeared on the cover of the “Stylist” magazine.

The robot was created two years ago by Hong Kong firms called Hanson Robotics. Last year, Saudi Arabia was granted citizenship, becoming the first robot of legitimate citizenship.