Are you healthy bread?

In France, the feast of the Festival of Bread, celebrated in 1996, is dedicated to the feast of the friars of the Amiens Saint, until Sunday 21 May.

French magazine L’Express Styles with the help of nutritionists has tried to answer all the questions about this food.

Are you healthy bread?
It really depends. Thinking about diet is better to use integral bread, as white has a high glycemic level, glucose that circulates rapidly in the blood, and being absorbed is transformed into fat.

Complex flakes slow the absorption of sugars by preventing weight gain. But her eyes and what she puts on bread. Instead of butter for example, use goat’s cheese rich in protein and calcium.

Better toasted bread to weaken?
Absolutely not. Blanket, unlike bread, does not contain water, and to be fed we should eat more. In addition, they contain more heat than bread and higher glycemic levels. Better a slice of integral bread.

Better bread or cereal for breakfast?
Better a slice of bread, as cereals contain sugars, especially those for children. Moreover, one hour after you’ve eaten a bowl of milk and cereal, you may be hungry again, while the integral bread makes us feel fed for longer.

Should we eat bread all day?
If you want, yes, but in the right amount and at the appropriate moments of the day. But you can do it without it. The mudfoot should have the same carbohydrate ratio. You can replace it with potatoes.

Are all kinds of bread alike?
It’s not true. Not all loaves are the same. The bag of beloved Frenchs does not have much nutritional value. Integral bread and seeds have salts and fiber. The less refined to be flour, the better it is. If you can buy biological bread, produced with wheat flour, without pesticides.

Bread is more expensive but is better
Better yet it is made in craftsmanship, organic flour, as the industrial one contains conservative to make it stand longer and the coat modifies the taste of bread.

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