Are you in the diet and are not weakened? You’re making one of these mistakes

Always on the diet but do not fall out of weight. Where is the mistake? Perhaps exactly in the strict regime, because they do not work because food is also fun. So says a nutritionist at the University of Florence, Lucia Baçiottini, who explains that fasting or abandoning certain categories of foods like dairy products or meat, fats or gluten does badly the body and brain and does not always help find your lines . “Strict diets do worse because we need to try and eat what we like. Who denies such a thing for a long time maybe and weakens, but risks being “extinguished”, and can not prove positive emotions, “says Luca. Withdrawing without excuses and prolonged, cause deficiencies and disorders. “Intolerance is a sign of a physicist who fails to manage healthy and harmless foods for being malignant because of nonsense choices that have changed bacterial intestinal flora,” the nutritionist continues. He says he should not fall into the trap of “cleansing” regimes that often tempt women who are weak. “To lose health, you must understand the positive values ​​of all foods, non-industrial, and not exclude any. The secret of a diet is at the right pace and foods that ‘risk’ from pizza chocolates are rarely on the table. So by causing dependence, but give the satisfaction we need, “he concludes. These are the six mistakes we make: Quite drastic diet Believe in detoxification Fall into the trap of fashion diets He thinks fasting is decisive Observe yourself that you have any intolerance Seeing food as something you do so badly.

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