Experiment, apple vinegar keeps the doctor away?

Apple apple is a tonic cure for everything for the benefit of health, giving you a lot of energy and helping to lose weight. It is also thought to be used by celebrities like Miranda Kerr, Victoria Beckham, Megan Fox, and Hilary Duff.

But to drink apple vinegar every day keeps the doctor away, as is the well-known expression? And does it show the difference in a week?

Femail has experimented with two of her writers, where they both barely drank because of the taste, but one of them proved she lost considerable weight in a week.

And though some apple juice fanatics are about to drink, nutritionists recommend mixing with water in a one-on-one report. For example, two tablespoons of vinegar in 200 ml of water.

Both girls started challenging by drinking a bottle of 250 ml per day blend, while Shannon found she reduced her bowel, while Charlotte lost 1kg in a week.
Here’s how they did:
First day
Both girls drank a glass of vinegar, Shannon with a tonic vinegar purchased at the supermarket, while Charlotte measures the vinegar-water with Manuka honey. Shannon had read about the benefits of intestinal utensils, while Charlotte, for weight loss, said the wedding was very close.

The second day
Shannon went on to buy tonic vinegar purchased on the spermark, added with kiwi flavors, eating fresh fruit and granola. As Charlotte drank the vinegar before eating breakfast. “I usually drink a bit of fresh water, but vinegar extinguishes my thirst,” Charlotte said.

Third day
Shannon says that when he woke up he had been relieved for the previous mornings, but when he remembered how well he made vinegar the day before, he drank an entire bottle of tonic vinegar. “I felt easier than before,” she says.
While Charlotte says she was already taught her own taste.

The fourth day
Shannon says that despite being drowsy, he had more energy to drink the vinegar, as he confessed he had more energy in the day and did not feel hungry.
While Charlotte, unlike other days, drank the afternoon vinegar and says that only an hour later she felt alive. “Indeed, I stopped eating my chocolate around 16.00. Honey! “Says Charlotte.

Fifth day
Shannon says that on the fifth day after he had drank apple juice in the morning, until the lunch came, he did not feel hungry as before. While Charlotte had noticed that in these days the amount of dinner consumption had been reduced so much that he had only eaten tost that was rare to him.

Sixth day
“I have noticed that gastric acid reflux is not as it was when I started the vinegar. I did not think I could drink it every day, “says Shannon.

While Charlotte forgot to drink the vinegar this day, and at 8 o’clock I remembered having a glass of wine before.

The seventh day
This day, Shannon was up late, and the vinegar drank the way to work and says he began to feel hungry just after two o’clock in the morning. For Shannon is meaningful as it did not eat without eating anything in the morning.

While Charlotte had lost 1kg of her weight, and since she was before the wedding, she would continue to hold this regimen

The conclusion?
Shannon: I’m surprised by vinegar. It can be drinkable and refreshing, but the foremost is that I feel good about my body. Intestinal bruising has been dramatically reduced this week after I had acid reflux. For this reason I will add apple vinegar to my diet.
Charlotte: I can not believe how amazing that was this for weight loss. I was in the diet for a while for my wedding, but drinking apple juice helped me lose weight and wrestle with hunger. I do not believe I will drink it every day but I will consider it helpful in my weight loss efforts.

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