Inspirational history, tips on how to achieve success

The founder of Lamborghini, Ferruccio Lamborghini.

Two stories to get started … Nokia rejected Android, while Yahoo refused Google. Although in short, the stories end here. But what lessons were learned? First, take risks! Second, hug the changes. Thirdly, if you refuse to change your time, you can “die”! Let’s look at two more events. Facebook bought Whatsapp and Instagram. Meanwhile, Flipkart bought Myntra and the latter Jabong. This second may seem unheard of, but also these lessons can be drawn from these developments. First, be strong enough that rivals can become your allies. Second, climb to the highest ranks, then eliminate the competition. Last but not least, always be innovative. Such stories never end. Here are two more … Colonel Sanders founded KFC at the age of 65, while Jack Ma, who could not get hired at KFC, later founded Ali Baba. Finally! Lessons learned? First, age is simply a number. Secondly, only those who try can and manage to succeed. Last but not the last event in the field of success … Lamborghini was founded as a result of the retaliation of a tractor owner who was offended by Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari. That’s enough! Can we learn from this? Of course, never underestimate anyone. Never! Second, success is the best revenge. All this makes you breathe, work hard. Do not waste your time, but invest it in a smart way. Do what you want and never fear that you may fail!

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