The apocalypse clock, 2 minutes away from “midnight”

Called Doomsday Clock and is a symbol of bringing the world closer to its disappearance. It is now supposed to predict the apocalypse and has been very close to midnight, which means destruction, only in one case.

Only in 1953 it was very close to midnight when America produced the hydrogen bomb. At this time scientists say its scorpions were placed 2 minutes before midnight.

For scientists, the threat of 1953 and 2018 is the same as the danger and have moved the scorpions two minutes since midnight.

In 2015 the hour was set in two minutes and 30 seconds by midnight, but with Donald Trump’s presidency, tensions with North Korea, climate change and world-wide threats, including terrorism, scientists at Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists say clock went 2 minutes from midnight.

Here’s a historic Doomsday Clock, the clock that was set up in 1947 by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and what it said:

1947- it was set 7 minutes by midnight

1949- 3 minutes from midnight. The Soviet Union tested the first atomic bomb by officially launching a nuclear weapons race

1953- 2 minutes from midnight. US and USSR tested thermonuclear devices, 9 months from each other.

1960- 7 minutes from midnight. The US and USSR agreed to sign an agreement not to use nuclear weapons in conflicting countries, such as the Suez Canal.

1963- 12 minutes from midnight. The US and the USSR signed the agreement on the partial punishment of the tests, which would mean limiting nuclear tests to the atmosphere.

1968- 7 minutes from midnight. It was time when the US intensified the war in Vietnam.

1991- 17 minutes from midnight. The US and USSR signed the first Strategic Deal on Nuclear Weapons, and this is the largest time ever imposed.

2015 – 2 minutes and 30 seconds from midnight, after rising tensions between the US and Russia as a result of the Ukrainian conflict.

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