Dibra’s “carpet”; PS-PDIU divorce has started in the center

One day after the riot in Debar, PDIU area MP declined to pronounce. Relations with the Socialists have been warm a year and a half ago, during the partial local elections for the Municipality of Debar, a test of the new PS-PDIU alliance, through which Edi Rama wanted to tell LSI that he could did without it.

The profound victory of the leftist candidate, Muharrem Rama, did not ease local co-governance. A year later, in the 2017 parliamentary elections, the PDIU managed to send a deputy to the Assembly from this area. It is about Reme Lala, which was bursting with the dissatisfaction that blew in Debar since its first appearance at the spit.

“One or two days a week the mayor goes to the municipality for 20 minutes, and then after having drank a dozen 5 double raki. And the few papers that sign that are in the interests of the chairman of his social circle are stained with greasy and wet rakias, because they sign in the cabbage, “she said.

It was November 2, 2017, when MP Lala made these statements, which show that the last conflict in Debar has its early roots. After pointing out that the mayor has two pharmacies and an illegal casino, PDIU deputy spoke about hiring, as to show where tooth pains.

“Mr. Prime Minister I am aware that there are competitions for directors to be appointed in Debar. This is a deception for the Dibra, because the directors are predestined. I want to tell you now the names, that the political leaders you have in Debar have appointed directors in advance, “PDIU deputy prosecutor continued.

Mayor Muharrem Rama replicated tomorrow, through a Facebook post. It was clear from the attack.

“I answer briefly to Miss Lala, the daughter of Ymer Lala; you do not have to dig into the lives of others, nor do the judge and the prosecutor. Then be assured that with the past and the present variety of your father you will get lost and damaged, the disadvantage that I personally think you are too young to deserve, “Muharrem Rama wrote.

The mayor also confirmed that the conflict in Debar is related to the separation of power, when he told the MP how he got the votes.

“I advise you not to speak in the name of your so-called Party, but always refer to your personal vote, just as you yourself called and know why, because in Debar, there are neither the electorate nor the less voters know the sacred causes I would say to this party. You are right, the Debar Municipality does not work as I would like, because we were very slow in the reform we had to do in the administration we found, administration and employees introduced in exchange for the vote that made you a deputy, but without any professional capacity, “the mayor of Dibra continued.

But sources close to the majority, who know well the subtle relationship between the SP and the PDIU, explained to Top Channel that the tensions in Debar are the result of political conflicts in the center.

The same sources claimed that Socialist leader Rama is concerned by the political empowerment of local DPIU leaders in Debar, thinking that this could create problems in the upcoming elections. On the other hand, this relationship was more flawed when the Socialists accepted the abolition of the mandate of Aqif Rakipi, a former MP of PDIU in Elbasan, until recently one of the closest people of the Prime Minister.

Top Channel learned that at the last meeting of the SP Presidency that was held earlier this year, the Prime Minister admitted that the decision to send Olta Xhakka as political responsible in Debar with the task of calming the blood was taken at the request of local PDIU leaders.

But sources insist that the conflict is deeper, explaining that violence and blood in Debar was just local translation of a major problem in the center.